We can schedule your endoscopy within 7 days of your referral*

In addition to the opening of our second, state of the art endoscopy room at our West Clinic, the Waitemata Endoscopy Group is providing increased capacity with reduced wait times at both clinic locations. 

*We can schedule most standard Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy appointments within 7 working days of your GP/Specialist referral or self-referral, when you let us match you with the availability of our experienced Specialists across the Waitemata Endoscopy Group without specifying a specific endoscopist.  At times, to optimise individual care, a longer period prior to the appointment may be required.

Require an Endoscopy (Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy or Endoscopic Ultrasound)?

All of our specialists have had international training and extensive experience - in private and public healthcare - which makes for a complete service for all Gastrointestinal disorders and diseases.

Our multi-disciplinary team approach means that we can better manage the full range of gastroenterology conditions, including complex and tertiary conditions. Your patients can access a wide range of services backed up by the resources of a fully equipped hospital, with confidence in the safety, and depth of capability involved. We also have a female endoscopist available should your patients prefer.

The philosophy of the specialist team also means that patients presenting more complex cases can benefit from this team-based approach and - should they require theatre admission - this can also be more easily dealt with within the hospital facilities. We also can provide inpatient endoscopy services for those patients requiring assistance with preparation as well as post procedure admission if required. Anaesthetic assistance is also available.

We accept referrals to the Waitemata Endoscopy Group (Open Access) or direct to any one of our specialist endoscopists.

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Excellent, this will make it easy for booking and pre-approval. Your GP can directly send this to waitemata endoscopy, or we may ask you to provide this when we book your endoscopy

If you are self funding, no referral is required. If you do not have a doctor referral, one of our doctors will need to assess your referral first. They may book you directly for an endoscopy or may need to see you in clinic first.

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Why Choose Our Service?

Top Rated

Top Rated

Auckland and New Zealand best gastroenterologists and surgeons providing the latest endoscopy care.

Integrated Care

Integrated Care

Our multi-disciplinary team approach means that we can better manage the full range of gastroenterology conditions, including complex and tertiary conditions.

Low costs

Low costs

Affiliated provider for Southern Cross Health Insurance. No or low out of pocket with all insurance companies. Afforable self funding.