Elevating Patient Care: WE Monthly CME Program for GPs.

Next event: Thursday 23/11/23 at Waitemata Endoscopy Harbour, 212 Wairau Road

6.00pm Arrival, drinks and food

6.20pm Dr Ali Jafer: Welcome

6.30pm Dr Cameron Schauer: Bowel cancer in primary care

7.05pm Dr John Perry: Common Gut problems for the GP

7.40pm Discussion

8.00pm Close

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At Waitemata Endoscopy, we believe in the continuous pursuit of knowledge to enhance patient care and promote excellence in the medical community. Our commitment to providing comprehensive education opportunities is reflected in our Monthly Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program tailored specifically for General Practitioners (GPs).


The Monthly CME Program is a two-hour evening session designed to keep GPs abreast of the latest developments in endoscopy and gastrointestinal medicine. These sessions serve as a valuable platform for professionals to engage in discussions, exchange insights, and acquire new skills that directly impact patient outcomes.


Recognizing the importance of ongoing education, our program is accredited by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, ensuring that participating GPs earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) points. This allows GP to stay-to-date with the evolving landscape of medical practices.

Key Features:

  1. Expert Speakers: Our program features renowned experts and specialists in the field of endoscopy and gastrointestinal medicine. These speakers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, sharing the latest advancements and best practices with our participants.

  2. Interactive Sessions: We believe in the power of collaboration and interaction. The sessions are structured to encourage active participation, allowing GPs to ask questions, share experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions with both peers and experts.

  3. Case Studies and Practical Insights: The program incorporates real-world case studies and practical insights to bridge the gap between theory and application. GPs gain valuable insights into the challenges faced in everyday practice and learn effective strategies for diagnosis and management.

  4. Technological Advancements: The field of endoscopy is dynamic, with continuous technological advancements. Our program highlights the latest tools, techniques, and technologies, ensuring that GPs are well-informed about the most current options available for patient care.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Beyond the educational component, the Monthly CME Program provides a conducive environment for networking. GPs have the opportunity to connect with colleagues, specialists, and industry professionals, fostering a collaborative community dedicated to elevating patient care standards.


Waitemata Endoscopy's Monthly CME Program is a cornerstone of our commitment to advancing medical knowledge and promoting excellence in patient care. By participating in these sessions, GPs not only earn valuable CME points but also contribute to a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the medical community. Together, we strive to enhance the quality of care delivered to our patients and inspire a future of innovation and excellence in gastrointestinal medicine.



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